Imaginova AS was founded May 27, 2016 and is located in Trondheim, Norway. Depending on workload, we work either in the Work-Work gaming LAB in the center of Trondheim, or from from home. Work-Work is the ideal place for creative work, co-working with innovative people mastering cross disciplinary skills like 3D design, visual arts, movie making, gaming design, IT communication, marketing, economy and more ...

If we need to make some "physical stuff" like electronics or 3D printouts in our work, the Hackheim community is an invaluable resource which is located in the ground floor. We hire a seat here, and can collaborate with them to make (IoT) electronics and mechanical prototypes. This is invaluable for our drone design activities, which comprises both.

Andreas at Work-Work

Andreas Fjell

Visual Design artist, with specialization within Digital Special Effects and Computer Graphics Imagery. He produces 3D design and visual effects, targeted for the gaming industry, currently for the Age of Space game. Andreas offers also contributions to film production, as well as 3D design for our Multimaker2 3D printer.

Background: Bachelor (Hons) in Digital Visual Effects from University of Hertfordshire, UK.

Knut-Olav Fjell

Concept developer and Imaginova Manager, responsible for economy, administration, marketing and WEB pages. Can assist with idea development and design based innovation concepts and 3D CAD content integration issues.

Background: NTNU Cybernetics. Practice: Instrumentation systems, GIS, Oil&Gas value chain, Work processes, Industrial Gaming, 3D Design and Visualization.
Imaginova is ready to work on both short and long term projects. Visit the contact page to initiate a request.