Imaginova AS offers 3D printout services. It is a simple and effective way of demonstrating your idea, or to test prototypes that do not need metal strength. We offer assistance along your design path, from idea to printed model. Visit the contact page to make a request on how to proceed.

The Ultimaker2

Ultimaker2 3D printer

See how it works

Independence Day 3D Print Timelapse. The Ultimaker2 is a well proven and reliable printer for 3D printing up to 20x21x23cm prototypes. In most cases, smaller models is more than enough for illustrating your design ideas.

The Avioni drone central hub

Imaginova uses 3D printing to implement our drone prototype. The image below shows the central hub, which will hold the autonomous Avioni flight electronics.

Avioni drone central hub

The Avioni engine fuselage

The engine fuselages holds the propulsion system. The coffee cup gives a hint of the size, and its contents was important during the design process :-)

Avioni engine fuselage