Design based innovations and solutions

Main business is producing 3D content and visual effects for the game industry


We also design and build drones, and offer assistance along this process, including 3D printout for custom modules.

2 images below: Spaceships designed for the Age of Space game. Image courtesy: Podpal Games


Sample from Imaginova AS production by Andreas Fjell on Vimeo. It shows the Independence Day Alien Attacker. It is placed in the Spark game engine made by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. The hangar scene is modeled from the Independence Day movie.



Samples from Imaginova AS production of 3D designs on Sketchfab by Andreas Fjell
The symbol indicates a "Staff pick" for excellent work.

Andreas about Sea Wraith: "This thing is heavily inspired by the oddball machines of the Red Alert and Fallout universes as well as the flying contraptions of Hayao Miyazaki/studio Ghibli. I felt like making something that is a crossbreed between a VTOL-craft and a mini-submarine with a dash of coldwar era dieselpunk"

Modeling and texturing by Andreas Fjell, designed by Mike Schovitz the great and powerful. Desert materials by Silusanders, Nicolas Millot, mottomo.jk, and See Andreas' blog why he created this model and how he did it

This model is inspired by the MadMax movies. All vehicles used in the movies were real functioning monster trucks. This MadMax Texas Ranger however is fiction, but could actually have been used as one of the vehicles.

The model below is a concept fighter as a fictional cold-war era interceptor/re-entry vehicle. The shape is designed as a mix of the NASA space shuttle, the North American X-15 and the Lockheed SR-71. I have compromised on what looked realistic and what just looked cool from a games/sci-fi perspective.

The Vampire jet fighter was used by Royal Norwegian Air Force from 1948 to 1955. This type is actually flown by Knut T. Fjell, Andreas' grandfather!

This steam locomotive is inspired by an LP cover artwork on a Motorhead album released in 1986. The design emerged from scratch, as a fusion of steam engine research and artistic freedom.

Here is the Independence Day Alien Attacker, as it appeared in the movie. Have a look at the VIDEO SAMPLE page to see a clip of the Alien Attacker in its right environment.



Imaginova AS offers 3D printout services. It is a simple and effective way of demonstrating your idea, or to test prototypes that do not need metal strength. We offer assistance along your design path, from idea to printed model. Visit the contact page to make a request on how to proceed.

The Ultimaker2

Ultimaker2 3D printer

See how it works

Independence Day 3D Print Timelapse. The Ultimaker2 is a well proven and reliable printer for 3D printing up to 20x21x23cm prototypes. In most cases, smaller models is more than enough for illustrating your design ideas.



Imaginova AS design, manufacture and fly our own autonomous drones. Our business is based on developing prototypes of new concepts for autonomous drones for specific purposes. Physical implementations are a mix of purchased standard "quadcopter" electronics, mechanical parts and our 3D-designed & -printed custom parts.

Our first concept drone is AVIONI (below). It has recently (Nov 2, 2020) flown its first autonomous mission test.

Avioni ready for first autonomous flight

Examples of stages in the production is shown in the 4 pictures below.

Avioni central hub print

Imaginova uses 3D printing to implement our drone prototype. The image below shows the central hub, which will hold the autonomous Avioni flight electronics.

Avioni drone central hub

Avioni engine fuselage

The engine fuselages holds the propulsion system. The coffee cup gives a hint of the size, and its contents was important during the design process :-)

Avioni engine fuselage

Avioni central components assembly

Basic components installed: PixRacer flight controller, GPS/Glonass, FrSky receiver, Telemetry, FPV (First Person View) camera and transmitter.

Avioni central hub assembly

Why not making your own drone? While building Avioni, I collected some bookmarks useful for drone building. Be welcome, if you need it - use it!

FrSky S.Port signals test rig

"With a litte help from my friend" Here: Verifying correct signals and power consumption for the central module before finalizing wiring and connections. Thanks to Harald Horn at for loan of equipment and patience.

FrSky S.Port signals test rig


One of Imaginova AS leisure activities is Circuit Racing. It's the perfect way of NOT to think about work related problems when at the circuit.

You simply can't!

Here at Arctic Circle Raceway, Mo i Rana, the best racing circuit in Northern Europe

While waiting for clearance for driving on a real track, there are luckily other training possibilities, for example PS4 Gran Turismo. Here, a recording from Imaginova Racing night rally practice at Sardegna - Windmills track

Images below from Cartagena: Courtesy Yngvar Brekke
Imaginova@Cartagena Imaginova@Cartagena Imaginova@Cartagena

4 wheels are safer, so we have also tried Audi Experience Day at Silverstone.

There were a lot of people there from other companies that also needed a "day off" from the daily threadmill.

There are alternatives in Norway, so why not go for it! Both VĂ„lerbanen and Rudskogen offer events that will make you smile.



Imaginova AS was founded May 27, 2016 and is located in Trondheim, Norway. Depending on workload, we work either in the Work-Work co-working space in the center of Trondheim, or from home. Work-Work is the ideal place for creative work, co-working with innovative people mastering cross disciplinary skills like 3D design, visual arts, movie making, gaming design, IT communication, marketing, economy and more ...

If we need to make some "physical stuff" like electronics or 3D printouts in our work, the Hackheim community is an invaluable resource which is located in the ground floor. We hire a seat here, and can collaborate with them to make (IoT) electronics and mechanical prototypes. This is invaluable for our drone design activities, which comprises both.

Andreas at Work-Work

Andreas Fjell

Visual Design artist, with specialization within Digital Special Effects and Computer Graphics Imagery. He produces 3D design and visual effects, targeted for the gaming industry, currently for the Age of Space game, via his Fjell3D sole proprietorship. Andreas can contribute in 3D design targeted for 3D printout, and also assist in film recording and production.

Background: Bachelor (Hons) in Digital Visual Effects from University of Hertfordshire, UK.

Knut-Olav Fjell

Concept developer and Imaginova Manager, responsible for economy, administration, marketing and WEB pages. Can assist with idea development and design based innovation concepts and 3D CAD content integration issues.

Background: NTNU Cybernetics. Practice: Instrumentation systems, GIS, Oil&Gas value chain, Work processes, Industrial Gaming, 3D Design and Visualization.

Imaginova is ready to work on both short and long term projects. Visit the contact page to initiate a request.

Contact page

  Andreas (left) | Knut-Olav
(+NO) 405-16-339 | 480-34-981

Our contributions rely on design based innovation

  • Collaboration on design solutions to specific challenges
  • Visual demonstration of conceptual design solutions
  • Production modeling 3D content for the game industry
  • Verifying design ideas by physical 3D printouts
  • Contribute in design and assembly of drone concepts

We can also assist in activities related to

  • Video footage recording
  • Visual effects design (VFX)
  • Music video and vignette production

Send us a message to get in touch,
or just call to discuss a project.
Screenshot example of Andreas 3D design content production for the Age of Space game.

Image courtesy: Podpal Games