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_____________ TODO _________________________________________________________

2018-03-08 KO Update web pages, ref 'designit.no' style
2016-08-31 KO Add Imaginova co-work office location to contact page
2016-08-31 KO Add "type of service" contact page
2016-08-29 KO Finalize Website logo. Check against Google image base
2016-02-09 KO Contact page, target dropdown box to [Andreas|Knut-Olav|Company]
2016-01-26 KO Professional network buttons: LinkedIn, Sketcfab, Vimeo ...
2016-01-26 KO Social network buttons: Facebook, Twitter, ...
2016-01-26 KO WOW slider variant on "Videos" page
2016-01-26 KO META tags, site type, purpose and services
2016-01-26 KO META tags, employee's education, knowledge and experience

_____________ DONE ________________________________________________________

2016-08-29 Moved WEB pages to new Imaginova AS (from AFVFX)
2016-02-04 Enlarged font sizes, increased word and line spacing
2016-02-29 Browser URL icon added
2016-02-08 [3D PRINTING] page added, Ultimaker2 image and timelapse video
2016-02-03 Image of Andreas at contact page
2016-02-02 WOW slider added on "Images" page
2016-01-29 CSS file with inheritance on properties